What do you mean by cycling infrastructure and facilities?

    Infrastructure and facilities refer to things like bike lanes (i.e. on road), bike paths and shared paths (i.e. off road), bike parking (i.e. bike rails, bike shelters) and end of trip facilities.

    What will happen with the feedback received through the community survey?

    The community feedback survey results will be fed into the research undertaken by the consultant. This will help to identify things like trouble spots for cyclists, common routes, barriers to cycling, locations to improve or additional facilities and infrastructure.

    Where are the current cycling routes in the Town of Victoria Park and the City of South Perth?

    There are a number of cycling routes in both councils. These can be viewed on the Department of Transport's walking and cycling map for the Town of Victoria Park and City of South Perth.

    How can I ask a question about the project?

    There are a couple of ways you can ask a question about the Safe Cycling Project.

    Ask us a question online

    You can submit a question online. Questions will be considered by the project team and a response will be posted.

    Give us a call

    Call the Town of Victoria Park on 08 9311 8111 and ask to speak to a staff member about the Safe Cycling Project.

    I'd prefer not to participate online. Can I give you my feedback another way?

    Give us a call on 9311 8111 and we’ll post a copy of the feedback form out to you.

    I’d like to complete the City of South Perth survey online. How can I do this?

    You can complete the City of South Perth's survey on their Your Say site.

    Alternatively, call City of South Perth on 08 9474 0777.

    Will you be using information received from the community from the Evolve project?

    The Evolve Project content analysis as well as other content from community engagement projects has been forwarded to the network consultant to use as data towards the bike plan.