Why does the Town need to make a new Access and Inclusion Plan?

    It is a statutory requirement for all local governments to have an Access and Inclusion Plan that complies with State requirements, including being informed by community and stakeholder engagement.

    How can I have my views heard as part of this process?

    You can complete an online or hard copy survey, provide your ideas through the brainstormer tool, tell us about your personal journey, or ask a Question. 

    What does access and inclusion mean?


    Access means the ability of people to get to and move around the built and natural environment. This includes buildings, recreation and leisure facilities, parks, footpaths, community services, events, shops and other services.

    This also means accessing information, joining in with community engagement and employment opportunities.

    Issues and Challenges

    • People with disability and their carers often face barriers with everyday activities such as getting around, accessing services and facilities, information or hearing or understanding what is said, seeing small print, climbing stairs, or understanding signage.
    • Getting involved in community engagement activities can also be a difficult for people with disability and their carers, in being able to meaningfully participate.
    • Poor physical access is often one of the biggest barriers to creating inclusive places for people with disability and their carers.
    • Language barriers also have an impact of people with disability and the wider non -English speaking population, particularly where information is only provided in English.  
    • Many people with disability can and want to be meaningfully employed and can make a very positive contribution to the workforce, within council and wider community.


    Inclusion means actively including and encouraging everyone, including people with diverse abilities, cultural backgrounds, ages and genders to participate in all aspects of community life and opportunities. 

    Issues and Challenges

    • A lack of awareness and understanding about the needs and hopes of people with disability and their carers, often unintentionally leads to barriers for this group in participating in community life.
    • It is also not uncommon for people with disability and their carers to report a lack of acceptance in participating in community life. 
    • Proactively addressing this and moving toward a community that treats all people with respect, understanding and acceptance is a key to this.

    What is the Town's role in access and inclusion?

    Many of the Town’s functions have a direct impact on people with disability and their carers. While the Town doesn’t have the power and resources to do everything, through the following roles we can work with the community, local service providers, businesses and government agencies to improve the quality of life and equitable access for people with disability, their families and carers.

    Public Infrastructure Planning and Provision

    • Footpaths and cycleways
    • Street lighting, street furniture and public amenities   
    • Town buildings
    • Parks and public open spaces
    • Public realm improvements

    Community and Cultural Planning and Provision 

    • Recreation and aquatic facilities and programs
    • Health and wellbeing services and programs
    • Library and community resources and information 
    • Community and cultural facilities, events and programs
    • Sporting facilities and programs

    Community Development and Planning 

    • Understanding the profile of the community 
    • Assessing the community’s needs and aspirations
    • Leadership and advocacy in promoting action on issues and priorities   
    • Facilitating local partnerships and collaborative approaches
    • Supporting service providers, local organisations and businesses
    • Building the capacity and involvement of the community   

    Town Planning and Development

    • Local Planning Strategy
    • Local Planning Scheme (formally the Town Planning Scheme)
    • Place Plans
    • Environmental planning  
    • Transport planning

    Regulatory Services

    • Building approvals
    • Environmental control
    • Ranger services

    Strategic and Corporate Leadership

    • Community Strategic Planning
    • Corporate Business Planning
    • Organisational development and employment
    • Customer service